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  • Version 1.2.3

    Posted on January 25th, 2009 admin No comments

    After installing dozens of Drupals, MediaWikis and phpBB’s, a bunch of new filters was added! BackendInfo already detects around 50 different backend versions and is working with Firefox 2.0 to 3.4.

    Updates include a test before the actual tests, determining if the backend returns 404 status codes on random url’s or not. Some backends (such as MediaWiki) do not, and then all filters that require no strings are disabled (since any page would be recognized).

    I hope to have some time the next days to add new backends, please post comments for suggestions! Another idea I received was to add a preference that displays the version number not only as a tooltip, but also in the status bar.

    I really hope to get some feedback (and perhaps contributions) soon! :-)

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