Detect Website Backends
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    Today I’ve been playing around with UML and implemented a developer toolbox, that makes it easy to test, debug and improve filters.

    Furthermore, thanks to some anonymous posters in the forum, I’ve added two new filters:

    • Trac
    • Bugzilla

    Both only the basic detection.

        name: "Trac",
        image: "chrome://backendinfo/skin/trac.png",
        require: new Array({
            url: '/', contains: new Array('/chrome/common/js/trac.js') }
        name: "Bugzilla",
        image: "chrome://backendinfo/skin/bugzilla.png",
        require: new Array(
            { url: '/', contains: new Array('show_bug.cgi', 'skins/standard/global.css', /bugzilla/i) },
            { url: '/', contains: new Array('query.cgi', 'skins/standard/global.css', /bugzilla/i) }
  • Version

    I just noticed that the logo of the extension was missing and fixed that. Nothing else this time :-)

    Currently I am working on a developer window, where you can instantly test new filters.

  • Version

    • Added: basic reddit detection (test-websites)
    • Added: basic blogger detection
    • Improved: Joomla base detection
    • Added: django icon
  • Version

    Joomla! — 24 versions detected

    • 1.0.1 to 1.0.15
    • 1.5.0 to 1.5.9

    Reduced Code Size

    • from 27 to 24kb! :-)

    Try it out

  • Version

    A new day, a new release! :-)

    The current one ( includes filters that detect many django systems and their exact version and very good filters for DokuWiki, also detecting the exact version number at a majority of installations.

    Please test them and post feedback whenever possible –the forum would be a great place for that! And as long as there are no spambots, everyone can post without logging in.

  • Version 1.2.5

    Just two things have been changed, but they are really important:

    1. Proper GUID: “”
    2. From this version on, BackendInfo will check for updates automatically

    That’s really relieves me because I was worried that people wouldn’t get the latest updates which are coming frequently (since it is quite easy to add filter to detect new backends).

    If you wonder why… that is my main homepage and blog!

  • Version 1.2.3

    After installing dozens of Drupals, MediaWikis and phpBB’s, a bunch of new filters was added! BackendInfo already detects around 50 different backend versions and is working with Firefox 2.0 to 3.4.

    Updates include a test before the actual tests, determining if the backend returns 404 status codes on random url’s or not. Some backends (such as MediaWiki) do not, and then all filters that require no strings are disabled (since any page would be recognized).

    I hope to have some time the next days to add new backends, please post comments for suggestions! Another idea I received was to add a preference that displays the version number not only as a tooltip, but also in the status bar.

    I really hope to get some feedback (and perhaps contributions) soon! :-)

  • Hello World!

    Hi! This is the first post in the BackendInfo blog.

    The last days I have been working on this Firefox extension, and now it is working and ready for a public release, and a request for feedback and reviews! :-)

    The functionality is still being tested, but seems to work quite well. Adding new filters is really easy, and today I added over 20 more. A filter is a sort of plugin, used to detect a specific plugin. Read more about filters here.

    If you like this extension, please rate it at the project page and perhaps leave a review there. Thanks!

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